Postural Issues

Postural Issues- Many of us are stuck behind a screen, whether for work or pleasure, for far too long. Sitting in one way or the other doesn’t matter too much in the short term. However, cumulatively over many hours, days, weeks, and so on, poor postural habits can take their toll on our body.

Aside from pain, there are a number of unseen changes that happen as a result of poor postural habits. Forward head posture for example can affect our breathing efficiency. So, if you’re feeling foggy-headed it might be worth paying more attention to how you sit.

Try these simple tips to start helping things along:

  • Make sure you take as many breaks from your desk as possible.
  • Check your workplace set-up so you’re not placing undue strain on your body. Keep the mouse and keyboard close to you so there’s roughly a 90-degree angle at your elbows.
  • Make sure your eye check-up is up to date. Eye strain is a common reason for your head to creep towards the computer monitor.
  • Give your eyes regular breaks away from the screen (look out the window for a few seconds) and don’t forget to blink!

Depending on your case, you could benefit from corrective exercise or osteopathic treatment. These treatments help undo some of the muscle imbalances, strains, and tension that you build up during your work days.

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