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osteopathy is more effective than other approaches in reducing pain and improving physical function in acute/chronic non-specific lower back and neck pain | BMJ 2022

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    • Terrific service, Stephen was really helpful in identifying issues that could contribute to my neck and back pain. He gave me exactly the treatment I needed and I will definitely refer him and his services to anyone else. Thank you.

      thumb David Bennett
      November 15, 2022
    • Stephen worked with my teenage child who is experiencing some digestive issues and physical pain - aside from the excellent osteopathic care that we received from Stephen, he was kind and really helped my child to feel safe and at ease.

      thumb Charlotte Douglas
      November 9, 2022
    • I injured my lower back during a mountain biking accident in Kyoto. Stephen carefully investigated my condition and discovered that my underlying knee condition worsened the compression on my L4 and L5 vertebrae. After numerous sessions, relief started to kick in, and I have been improving. I am pain-free, numbness-free, stronger, and more vital after a harrowing eight months. Building upper body strength and my core according to the regimen also helped immensely. Keep it up. Big thanks to Stephen and the team.

      thumb Kerim Ozsoz
      November 5, 2022
    • Stephen really works to understand the roots of the problems. Results are I was very quickly able to resume my activities and had better control on my body than before. Highly recommended!

      thumb Aurore Lou
      October 20, 2022
    • I first met Sarah because of chronic back and hip pain. I had been to numerous doctors, physios and other osteopaths. Sarah was the only therapist who accurately diagnosed and treated me. I am now virtually pain free - for the first time in years! Sarah takes extra care to explain the ailment, the manipulations and how the treatment works. She leaves no stone unturned and also treats latent symptoms that flow from the root injury / ailment. Sarah's jovial personality put me at ease about the treatment and is a great therapist for kids. Sarah was a competitive athlete herself and is knowledgeable about a wide range of sports related injuries, especially tennis. I now bring both my daughter (age 13) and son (age 11) to Sarah for their aches, pains, tightness, and injuries from their various sports, including football, rugby and tennis. Sarah also successfully treated my daughter for pronated and flat feet.

      thumb Joanna Jones Tan
      October 13, 2022
    • I had a good first experience with Sarah. She listened carefully and understood my issues. Hopefully I will improve my condition over time. I found her very honest and straightforward.

      thumb Joel Silverstein
      October 13, 2022
    • A beautifully designed and comfortable place. The best osteopathic treatments from Stephen Watts and the rest of the therapists, I highly recommend it!

      thumb Agnes Caer-Piras
      October 10, 2022
    • Excellent service from a friendly, professional team. Helped me immensely. Highly recommended.

      thumb Mr Sebastian
      September 10, 2022
    • Stephen and Jacqui were very helpful not only in their personalized treatments and approaches to my condition, but also in teaching me more about how to manage it long-term by incorporating changes in my daily life. Overall, I would really recommend this practice.

      thumb Catherine Cheng
      September 10, 2022
    • 香港で整体をお探しならオススメします! 腕が良い、丁寧、綺麗、そして、先生の人柄が良い! 私は長年の慢性腰痛持ちで、東京の整体やカイロに通ってもなかなか治らず、香港でも鍼灸やマッサージも試し、一時的な効果があるだけでなかなか治らず悩んでいましたが、こちらで診てもらってとても楽になり良くなりました! カウンセリングも、過去のケガや気になる箇所などしっかり聞いてくれ、その後動きを見ながら痛むところや気になる箇所を丁寧に診てくれます。文字面では他の整体と変わらないように見えますが、これまで私が経験してきた他の整体での施術後と比べて、こちらでの施術後の身体の変化・改善された感覚は大きく違い、腰はとても楽になりました。 日々簡単に出来るストレッチや運動などセルフケアについても丁寧にアドバイスをしてもらいとても役に立ってます。私は自分では良いと思っていた臀部のストレッチのフォームを正してもらい、非常に効くようになりました。 クリニック内も非常に清潔できれい、イギリス人先生のStephenは人柄が良く優しくジェントルマンで安心感があります。それもあって、Stephenをご指名で来られる方や人づてで紹介で来られる方が多いようですが、新しく来た私にもとても温かく丁寧に対応してくださり、話をしてて人柄の良さを感じました。引き続き通いたいと思います。 香港で整体をお探しならオススメします。

      thumb Takuro Izumi
      July 10, 2022

    What types of sciatic pain do we treat?

    • Shooting pain down the leg – we can treat the leg pain coming from your back
    • Numbness or pins and needles in the legs – if you are experiencing these symptoms of sciatica, we can treat the areas of compression to decompress your nerves and restore normal feeling into the legs
    • Recurrent episodes of sciatica – if you have regular bouts of sciatica, we can treat and help you to prevent further episodes
    • Slipped disc – herniated or prolapsed disc can put pressure on the nerves going down the leg. We can help treat the areas causing stress and compression to the disc to relieve your symptoms
    • Piriformis syndrome – sometimes tight muscles in the buttocks can cause sciatica-like pain

    How do we treat sciatica?

    • Diagnosis – we tell you exactly what’s causing the pain
    • Postural assessment – with corrective treatment and exercise
    • Evaluation of lifestyle factors – understanding is key to prevention
    • Multiple techniques – selected to fit your requirements
    • Multi-disciplinary team – our collaboration gives you the best outcome
    • Exercises and advice – we can prescribe corrective exercises to help alleviate sciatica and prevent future episodes from occurring

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