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Every day is a chance for a new start. Today may be tough, but it’s a chance to grow to learn to embrace life and get stronger.

Life is a journey with many ups, downs, and bumps along the way. Counselling can help you navigate through those difficult times.

Are you obsessed with your weight or body shape?

Do you have an unhealthy relationship with food which takes over  your life and affects your physical and mental wellbeing?

Do you suffer from compulsive eating, obesity, bulimia, anorexia, binge eating or another specified food or eating disorder?

Seeking professional help can support and empower you to regain control. Eating disorders and body image issues can stem from many causes, Catherine Graham is here to listen and help you work through them. Recovery is possible with the appropriate support.

Catherine has many years experience counselling individuals with body image issues, obesity, and eating disorders. She holds a Masters Degree in Counselling from Monash University, and has completed a master practitioner award in eating disorders and obesity.

Counselling can help you find peace with food and a positive appreciation of your body.

Take the first step today…a step that may help you flourish and be happy.

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    • Being highly inflexible, I have always been intimidated by yoga and yet I knew that yoga is highly beneficial for my desk-bound stiffness. Yoga therapy sessions with Charlotte have helped me to be more aware of my body and improve my mobility and range of motion without inducing any post-work out aches. The 1-1 setting also suits me as I am not self conscious or under any peer pressure. Bonus is that I always feel more energised and accepting after my session. The studio is very organised and welcoming and I am so glad I found a yoga class that suits my needs.

      thumb Amanda Wong
      April 4, 2023
    • A comfortable, modern space with incredibly professional staff! I would highly recommend osteopath Sarah who has helped with multiple recurring issues of mine. She identifies any issues and explains each procedure with clarity. I look forward to seeing her again for more treatments.

      thumb Bethany Salisbury
      March 29, 2023
    • Very friendly people. Nice treatment. Recommended

      thumb SURESH ANTONY M
      March 29, 2023
    • I’m very happy with My appointment with Stephen Watts. He is clear with the diagnostics, gentle and professional with his treatment. Thank you!

      thumb Jacqueline Chen
      March 5, 2023
    • I visited the Osteopathic Centre Hong Kong and saw Yoga Therapist Charlotte. Her somatic experience really helped me in pain management. I would highly recommend Yoga Therapy for the management of pain.

      thumb Lakshmi Harilela
      December 5, 2022
    • Terrific service, Stephen was really helpful in identifying issues that could contribute to my neck and back pain. He gave me exactly the treatment I needed and I will definitely refer him and his services to anyone else. Thank you.

      thumb David Bennett
      November 15, 2022
    • Stephen worked with my teenage child who is experiencing some digestive issues and physical pain - aside from the excellent osteopathic care that we received from Stephen, he was kind and really helped my child to feel safe and at ease.

      thumb Charlotte Douglas
      November 9, 2022
    • I injured my lower back during a mountain biking accident in Kyoto. Stephen carefully investigated my condition and discovered that my underlying knee condition worsened the compression on my L4 and L5 vertebrae. After numerous sessions, relief started to kick in, and I have been improving. I am pain-free, numbness-free, stronger, and more vital after a harrowing eight months. Building upper body strength and my core according to the regimen also helped immensely. Keep it up. Big thanks to Stephen and the team.

      thumb Kerim Ozsoz
      November 5, 2022
    • Stephen really works to understand the roots of the problems. Results are I was very quickly able to resume my activities and had better control on my body than before. Highly recommended!

      thumb Aurore Lou
      October 20, 2022
    • I first met Sarah because of chronic back and hip pain. I had been to numerous doctors, physios and other osteopaths. Sarah was the only therapist who accurately diagnosed and treated me. I am now virtually pain free - for the first time in years! Sarah takes extra care to explain the ailment, the manipulations and how the treatment works. She leaves no stone unturned and also treats latent symptoms that flow from the root injury / ailment. Sarah's jovial personality put me at ease about the treatment and is a great therapist for kids. Sarah was a competitive athlete herself and is knowledgeable about a wide range of sports related injuries, especially tennis. I now bring both my daughter (age 13) and son (age 11) to Sarah for their aches, pains, tightness, and injuries from their various sports, including football, rugby and tennis. Sarah also successfully treated my daughter for pronated and flat feet.

      thumb Joanna Jones Tan
      October 13, 2022

    What can counselling help with?

    Disordered eating such as

    • anorexia
    • bulimia
    • binge eating
    • compulsive eating

    As well as

    • Body Dysmorphia (an anxiety disorder related to body image)

    Each can have many causes and each story is different. Counselling can help the client to work through the issues and aid recovery with strategies appropriate for each client to develop a more positive relationship with food and enhance their body image.

    Counselling using techniques such as CBT can help clients manage their symptoms , changing the way they think and behave regards their body.

    Catherine will help you to recognise the contributing factors that led to your obsession with food, exercise, disordered eating, poor body image and work on an appropriate individual recovery plan for you.

    It will be a person centered, collaborative approach.

    She will enable and empower you to learn techniques and strategies to help you improve your relationship with food and feel better about your body.

    “Counselling is about self empowerment. It’s about exploring the issues together with a trained therapist, in safe space, to resolve your problems and move forward.”

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