Littles ones from newborns to toddlers can suffer from a variety of stresses and strains. Most of the time they’re unable to communicate this other than crying, being irritable or grumpy (this can also apply to some teenagers!).

Aside from their behaviour you may notice some differences in their bodies from left to right. This might be seen when they’re laying down, moving or playing.

Osteopaths believe that in order to function properly, all parts of the body must be working together optimally. This applies to any age. This is particularly important as a baby or infant as it can affect their development physically and socially.

Osteopaths use gentle hands on movements to relieve stresses and strains, brought on through birth or as they’re developing. Is you’re wondering if osteopathy is needed for your baby watch out for the following:

  • A difficult delivery that may have caused trauma such as a very long or short delivery, ventouse or forceps interventions.
  • Difficulty latching on when breastfeeding or if the baby prefers feeding from one side only
  • Crying, general fussiness, difficulty settling, sleep disturbances.
  • Digestive issues (reflux, gas, constipation)
  • Torticolis or problems turning the head one direction

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