“It can be normal to feel the odd ache or pain and to have tension from everyday activities – generally the body will self correct and resolve itself. When pain is reoccurring, intense or doesn’t go away , its a sign that the body needs an extra push which is where I come in. It’s my job to find what’s preventing a normal healing response and work with you to correct that”

Sarah completed her double degree in Osteopathy at the Unitec Institute of Technology in New Zealand, where for her Master’s degree she recieved a 2nd degree honours award. She has since worked in private clinics in New Zealand and in Hong Kong.

Sarah uses her passion for anatomy and physiology to leave no stone unturned to determine the primary cause of complaints. She welcomes people with stubborn or chronic complaints and is driven to help improve these.

Sarah primarily uses structural osteopathic techniques which include soft tissue (massage), joint manipulation, stretching and joint articulation. After completing post-graduate studies in visceral manipulation, Sarah has a particular interest in helping individuals with gut complaints such as stomach cramps, painful periods and bowel problems. Sarah also enjoys treating common complaints such as back pain, headaches, jaw problems and sports injuries.

Why choose Sarah?
– Double degree in osteopathy
– Experience in treating a range of clients from CEOS, kids, to an Olympic athlete
– Motivated in getting your body back to pain-free and worry-free movement.

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