“A lot of my clients come to me because they’ve tried everything else but still have pain, niggles, and things just don’t feel right. I provide insight to my clients that allow them to see the dysfunctional movement habits that causes imbalances and/or pain. I try to break them out of their cycle of movement patterns & posture that cause chronic pain or injury.”

Jacqui is a NASM qualified personal trainer and corrective exercise coach with a special interest in postural issues and scoliosis.

Jacqui helps identify and work on muscle imbalances caused by poor posture, sedentary lifestyle or uneven training habits.

Having spent part of her working life in the corporate world she can relate to the issues you feel from being stuck behind a desk. She’s also had to work on her own imbalances having suffered from moderate scoliosis since her teenage years. She now feels healthier, stronger and more flexible from working on her weak points and training smart, not hard.

If you’ve ever felt intimidated by the gym, don’t worry, we have a friendly, welcoming space where we only take on one client at a time for a truly personal experience.

Why Jacqui:
– NASM certified personal trainer
– NASM certified Corrective Exercise Specialist
– Years of experience exploring methods to help her own scoliosis and postural issues
– Get fitter and stronger while actively improving your posture

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