“I offer an invitation to be curious, to pay attention to your habituated patterns of breath and movement and to explore something different as a way out of tension and pain.”

Charlotte is an experienced yoga therapist certified by the IAYT, she is trained by the Wisdom Institute of Yoga who offer trauma informed, evidence based yoga therapy programmes.

Charlotte is originally from the UK but has lived in Hong Kong with her family for 13 years. She believes passionately that the practice of yoga is not just about physical well-being, but rather a much more holistic wellness approach. It’s about finding a sense of ease within the body. She offers a truly collaborative approach that is not bound to any one system or method of yoga. Instead, Charlotte brings together a unique combination of postural yoga, breath-work, somatic, meditation and mindfulness.

Charlotte believes that a practice of mindfulness is integral to developing a capacity to be aware of our internal state and therefore our ability to chose what to focus on. These tools range from simple and easy to do developmental movements to complex mobility tasks as a way to ‘wake up’ the brain without strain or injury. When incorporated into our lives, mindful movement can help us to build the tools and resources for greater levels of resilience.

Why Charlotte
– Certified by International Association of Yoga Therapy
– Over 10 years experience of offering therapeutic yoga to both groups and 1-2-1s
– Trained in all areas of women’s health – pre, post natal and the menopause
– Offers evidence based strategies for chronic pain, trauma and mental health issues

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