Back pain

Low back pain is one of the most common reasons people take days off work due to sickness. It’s also likely the reason you’re visiting our website. Osteopaths can diagnose and treat a wide range of complaints, and low back pain is one that we’re best known for.

While low back pain can be intense and limits your movement, most of the time it is not serious. There are some conditions that may need additional help. However the majority of low back pain can be resolved with hands-on treatment from an osteopath, corrective exercise, and a little time.

Osteopaths spend 4-5 years training with in depth studies of anatomy and pathology. We’re familiar with the most common causes of low back pain. We also have medical knowledge to refer on when there appears to be something we can’t help with. The OCHK can be your first port of call when you’re suffering with low back pain.
The most common causes of low back pain usually fall into:

  • Muscle strain – acute or accumulation over time
  • Joint strain or irritation
  • Disc strain or prolapse
  • Ligament sprain
  • Inflammation related to the above or other cause

It takes skill, knowledge and experience to determine why those areas are in trouble. 10 people could have a disc strain but each could have a different reason or cause.

An osteopath will assess your posture and movements along with some specific testing to determine your cause of low back pain. Osteopaths use a range of techniques to help ease tension and release restrictions that may be causing your pain. At OCHK we have in house corrective exercise specialists, counselling and yoga therapy on hand to compliment your treatments where necessary.

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